About Me

A few things I Stand For NOW:


  • Wholehearted Business; this means playing FULL ON!!
  • Business primarily as a place to contribution and offer our value
  • Business that enlivens, inspires and adds joy to all it touches
  • How we do business is as important as what we do or why we do it
  • Developing “Type Z “ work practices…think the opposite of “Type A”
  • Less work in our life and more life in our work
  • Pragmatic Altruism: where two sides integrate, our hard hitting business skillsets and our open hearted altruistic values
  • Radical personal responsibility & honest, caring self expression

For the last twenty years, I have trained business owners how to produce more profit in less time. My StandAlone Business programs help business owners who want to create fewer working hours, peace of mind, a more balanced life, and a renewed passion for their business. Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners from all walks of life and in every imaginable business type.


I started my coaching career in 1993 when I joined Michael Gerber’s Gerber Business Development Corporation (now E-Myth Worldwide). There, as Director of Business Development Services, I delivered consulting programs to clients, developed new programs, and oversaw the training of new consultants. In 1996 I ventured into my own coaching practice, starting Pinnacle Consulting Group. A few years later based on the natural connection I developed with many building and trade professionals, I founded Contractors Business School.


I’ve been told my clients appreciate my ability to connect and provide analysis, information, direction and focus as a caring teacher rather than an expert.