I Guess It’s Not Just Me


So last time we “spoke” I shared with you the impact my mindfulness practice has had.  Missed it? You can read it here.
So the research is in…it’s not just me!
Others, many, many others have seen impact too.  Personally and professionally.
Here are some of the results a mindfulness program has scientifically been shown to provide:

  • Decreased stress and overwhelm
  • Improved focus
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased overall happiness and well being
  • Increase in new ideas, insights, mental clarity, creativity
  • Better quality of relationships at work, and level of engagement in meetings, projects, and team efforts

And these are just work related.  The personal benefits and health benefits are off the charts too!  Seriously,  Google it.  This stuff works.
AND it’s proven to work whether the program is in person or online. 
I also want to clear up a few very common myths that STOP people from getting these benefits (awww, what a shame to let myths stop us!):

  • Mindfulness is not a religion.It is simply a method of mind training.You can be religious or atheist or anything in between.
  • You don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor to practice it. (You can if you want). You can practice in a chair, on a plane, standing in line.Once you get it, it’s a very, very portable tool.
  • It does not take a lot of time (and actually liberates you from the pressures of time).
  • Mindfulness is not complicated – or about the “success” of not thinking – or the failure of “not getting my mind to stop”.
  • It will not deaden you or sap your ambition or striving toward important work and life goals (in my case the opposite has been true).

These benefits are adapted from this book we will be studying in our 8 week FREE study group– my gift to you cuz I know this stuff makes a difference and I am committed to YOU getting more of what you want!
Join us??
I hope so.
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