My Most Powerful Leadership Tool



 After years of teaching leadership and being a business leader myself, I’ve come to the belief that strong leaderships starts with ourselves. 
Personal leadership: Being able to really lead ourselves.  To set goals and priorities, spend our time working towards those goals.  Not reacting to situations and people but responding how we choose to respond.  Consistently acting in alignment with our values. 
Being the person we want to be in our business.
I find that personal leadership is most effective when we start internally.  Yep, it’s the old it’s “an inside job” story.
When I am in touch with what I value, when I manage my emotions, my reactivity, my impulsiveness and  I know my thoughts and direct my activities…that’s when I am most effective personally and professionally.  (And happier and more peaceful too!)
My most valuable and effective tool to do that is mindfulness practice.
I started this practice 15 (or so) years ago as a stressed out, overwhelmed mom, business owner, community volunteer and all around busy, busy, busy person. 
I was type A to the extreme. 
And that busyness and type A combo led me to be overwhelmed, harried, frantic, hyper – not showing up consistently in relationships with people I really cared about (including myself) how I wanted to show up. 
At my worst, I was rushed, impatient, surface level, you know – “cut to the chase, I’ve got things to do”.
After being introduced to mindfulness I saw there was another option. 

I could be calm, clear, strong, caring, connected.
Still lots going on, still being productive and leading a full life.  But in choice (mostly) about how I respond and how I conduct myself. 
I am happier, less stressed, clearer, focused (on what matters to me), more decisive, stronger when I practice mindfulness.
It’s been such a valuable tool for me that I want to share it with you.
About two years ago I was introduced to:  Mindfulness:  An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World
This is the most effective, helpful practical, “any one can really do it” mindfulness training program I have seen. (And  over the years I’ve seen and attended lots of them!) It is based on scientific research and created for real people living real world lives.
I was particularly excited about it because of you.  I now had a tool to share my most effective tool with YOU.
And it gets real results.
I’d love for you to join me in a free 8 week study group that starts later this month.
If you are curious about Mindfulness and how it make work for you email me back  and I’ll share all the details of the study group.
For some information on  Mindfulness from the book: click here




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