What I never told you…



I met many of you when I was out delivering a talk.  During a speaking engagement.  Probably at a conference, or convention.


But what you don’t know is that less than 10 years ago I was terrified of public speaking.  Not a little afraid, like butterflies in my tummy kinda afraid, but knee knocking, I may throw up, out of body experience kind of fear.


Yep, it’s true.I was SO afraid to speak in public that I’ve experienced sweaty palms and a beating heart just thinking about having to sputter out my name as I was sitting in a small group preparing to introduce myself.


So, what the heck was I even thinking about – going out to talk in front of a group of business owners. Why in the world did I do that?


I did it for two main reasons….one of those reasons has to do with you and the other is deeply personal to me.


First, about you….when I go out to speak my mantra is always: “if one person hears one thing that will make a difference and help them in their business, that will help them start to make a positive change in their business and their life, then I have been successful and all of this discomfort (my fear, my travel, being away from home etc) will have been worth it”


So, I hope that YOU were “one person who heard one thing”.


And then, as I said, the second reason is deeply personal to me…I have to grow. I mean like, really have to.  I’ve tried not doing it.  I’ve tried to stop and just get comfortable (and, believe me, I LOVE my comfort zone as much as the next guy!).


But I find I am not so happy when I do that for very long. I have a deep need to continue expanding, learning, growing, moving passed limitations and exploring new areas.  And when I see something that is clearly a limiting factor in my life I kinda can’t let it go. That stubborn entrepreneurial streak!!


And that’s what happened with speaking.  I got tired of hiding from that fear and lugging it around with me.  So I slayed that dragon (well, maybe not completely but surely took it down a notch or two!).


For me, these are the two things have pushed me passed my greatest fears and into some of my greatest professional joy and satisfaction:


    •    To contribute and make a difference in someone’s life


    •    To develop myself- to grow and expand into my potential.


They are a big part of my WHY. They help me do the things that are hard.  


Help me to continue when maybe I wanna curl up and hide or just snuggle up and stay put in my comfort zone.


So I’m curious about you??  What great fear or obstacle have you overcome?  How did it contribute to your business?  Your life?  The lives of those around you? What motivates you to do the things you don’t want to really do so you become the person you hope to be?? What helps you push through the limitations; fears and continue every day?


I’d love to hear your story.





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