StandAlone Business Impact - Coaching

This is my flagship program, refined and proven over twenty years! 


Best suited for businesses between $500,000 and $5,000,000 in revenue.


This program:

  blue arrow Creates a standalone business that doesn’t depend on the owner’s continual involvement.
  blue arrow Develops owner’s management and leadership skills.
  blue arrow Improves efficiency and profitability (I target a bare minimum 10:1 payback on program cost).
  blue arrow Enhances quality of life for the owner.


The program emphasizes:

  blue arrow Implementation of proven, practical systems that let the owner offload most day-to-day functions.
  blue arrow Minimum theory, maximum practicality: Real-world techniques that are easily implemented.
  blue arrow Permanent skill development that applies in any business situation.
  blue arrow Measurable results.


The program combines our library of proven solutions, our proprietary curriculum, and a heavily-experienced coach. These components get the job done in the shortest time with continuous support and motivation.

Jayme works closely with you from start to finish. Regular meetings are conducted by phone to review progress, solve problems, answer questions, provide guidance, receive new materials, and define next steps. Between meetings, you follow the steps to implement the systems and methods in your business. She’s always available by phone or email to answer questions and provide whatever support you need.


A partial list of areas typically covered:

Defining Goals Time Management and Marketing Human Resources
Guiding Principles Planning/Forecasting Operations
Customer Service Strategic Thinking Delegation
Finance Performance Tracking Leadership
Cost Control Systems Development  


The program follows a structured curriculum but I custom tailor it to your situation and priorities, and pace.

For more information and to apply, submit your name and email below and I’ll reply to you promptly.