StandAlone Business Impact - Intensive Online

In this online program, I personally walk you through the nuts and bolts of making the transition to a StandAlone Business  that gives you the freedom, money, and meaning you wanted when you started. It’s not hard, but you have to know the steps.





The Four Pillars of a Standalone Business

  blue seal Leadership: A business owner must (like it or not) be a leader, but what does that mean? I’ll describe the specific ways a leader thinks and acts, and the skills you need to be effective.
  blue seal Processes: A Standalone business depends on processes and procedures (not the owner) to run smoothly and profitably. I’ll show you how to define your “critical processes”, and how to create simple systems that will get consistent results without your constant attention.
  blue seal People: How to define exactly who you want, where to find them, how to hire them, and when. This topic alone will reduce your personal hiring time by 90% AND get better people, to boot.
  blue seal Performance: How’s your business doing? Do you really know? How should you measure? We’ll talk about how to identify your Key Performance Indicators, and how to install no-hassle measurement methods so you’ll always know where you stand.